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My wants and needs are important.

The desires that make up my life are important, and they deserve to be heard, acknowledged, and appreciated. As I reflect on the upcoming Mother's Day weekend, I imagine a day where I can be celebrated without feeling as if I am on the backburner. A day where I am celebrated alongside the other Mother's who have tirelessly made the sacrifices to ensure that our families are taken care of each and every day. A day where what I want matters and is considered in compassion and empathy. Gratitude and appreciation in a form of love and kindness, respect, grace and mercy; consideration of my needs and feelings.

I choose to make my wants and needs a priority.

I know this can be difficult, and that my instinctive reaction is to put the needs of others before myself. I see that by choosing to put my own needs first, I am giving myself the power and strength to enact change elsewhere.

I am the best possible version of myself. I am worthy of love, respect and attention.

I choose to place my wants and my needs on an equal level, and avoid the assumption that my needs are more important than the things I want.

I am entitled to a life filled with love, laughter and satisfaction. A life that is filled with more than just the essentials required for survival.

I ensure that my own desires and needs are met before attending to anything else. I fill my own cup first to give me the strength I need to help others.

I am worthy of attention. I choose self-care, self-love, and to meet my own needs.

I know I am worthy, and I appreciate myself.

Today, I know that I matter. I make a conscious choice to prioritize my wants and needs, and to put myself first. This choice gives me the strength I need to be the best possible version of myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I take time to acknowledge and meet my own wants and needs, or do I put others first?

2. What small changes can I implement into my routine to create time for myself?

3. Do I prioritize needs over wants? Why is this?

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