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I tear down walls.

I break through my defenses, doubts, and fears. I tear down my emotional walls to help resolve challenging situations and let others in.

I accept my past. I forgive myself for errors and lapses in judgement. I search for the lessons I can take away from difficult experiences.

I embrace uncomfortable emotions. I validate my feelings of anger or jealousy. I examine the root causes and figure out how to respond constructively.

I test my abilities. I look forward to activities that will stretch my skills and increase my sense of accomplishment. I am brave enough to survive a little embarrassment if I trip on the dance floor.

I reach out to those I usually keep at a distance. I ask a coworker for their advice instead of pretending that I know it all. I greet a neighbor passing by instead of worrying that a few minutes of conversation will put me behind schedule.

I listen more closely. I empathize with a sick friend. I appreciate that my children may have opinions different than my own.

I form new habits. I am curious to see what happens when I break out of old patterns. I find that I can resolve conflicts and manage stress.

I discover my authentic self. I see that my walls confine me. I want to live more fully.

Today, I build bridges instead of walls. I leap over the barriers that used to hold me back.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the cost of building walls around my heart?

2. How can my spiritual faith teach me to tear down emotional walls?

3. How do I feel when I think someone is shutting me out?

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