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I have the courage to speak my mind.

My thoughts and feelings deserve to be heard just as much as anyone else’s. The value of my opinion cannot be measured by solely by my social standing or political beliefs.

If situations arise that cause me to feel unworthy, I choose to cultivate my conviction that my worth cannot be compromised. When either shyness or low self-esteem tries to prevent me from standing up for myself, I immediately draw on my innate confidence in my own worth.

Nobody can convince me that my point of view ought to be suppressed. I recognize that my thoughts and beliefs may be different than those of the masses, but that is part of why I hold true to them.

My strength lies in the fact that I am unique, just as I was made to be. There is no one just like me in the world.

I am the only one who can produce the thoughts that my mind produces. I must ensure that my expressions are heard and acknowledged. I am strong enough to share what the Creator has laid upon my mind.

Today, I commit to saying what I think and standing behind it. I know that strength of purpose is not always met with positive responses from others, but I prefer to be honest and forthright. In all situations, I have the courage to be true to myself and to others, regardless of the outcome.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are there particular situations in which I feel challenged to be true to my feelings and thoughts?

2. Do I guard the emotions of my loved ones while I express myself?

3. What do I feel when I speak my mind?

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