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Communication strengthens my relationships

My relationships depend on honest and caring communication. I speak and listen with an open heart.

I share my thoughts and feelings. I allow myself to be vulnerable because I want to be known and understood.

I choose my words carefully. I avoid misunderstandings by being direct. I encourage harmony by being tactful.

I express my affection and gratitude. I tell my children how much I love them. I share credit with coworkers when we work on a successful project. I thank my partner for pitching in with household chores and being kind to my parents.

I listen closely. I put aside my own agenda and try to understand the needs of others.

I welcome feedback. I seek the truth in what others have to say rather than defending my position. I use their suggestions to learn and grow.

I manage conflicts. I address disagreements as soon as possible through negotiation and searching for common ground. I repair misunderstandings with a sincere apology or shared laughter.

I pay attention to nonverbal communication too. I lower my shoulders and uncross my arms so that I appear confident and friendly. When someone speaks to me, I pay attention to their gestures as well as their words.

Today, I communicate clearly so that I can build strong and healthy relationships. I feel connected and fulfilled.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How would I describe my communication style?

2. How does communication promote healing?

3. Where can I find information and assistance for dealing with communication challenges?

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