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7 Tips to Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose, calling, or mission requires some soul searching. It may be something that seemed unrealistic, silly, or childish at one time. But, allow yourself to consider all things, without judging them as good/bad or right/wrong. For example, a love for dolls as a child may transfer to making or designing doll clothes as a hobby.

Loosen up your brain and let it explore for now without the reality checks. Try these strategies to get you started.

1. Slow down.

● Rest your body, mind, and soul.

2. Immerse yourself in the present moment.

● Take in your environment and focus on your senses.

3. Become aware of the things that make you smile:

● Movies and books that resonate with you deeply

● People who inspire you

● Things that bring you joy

● What you loved to do as a child

● Things that make you forget - make time stand still

4. Remember the things that make you angry:

● Injustices that push your buttons

● Policies that make you want to scream

● Social challenges that break your heart and make you furious

5. Allow yourself to explore your memories.

● What did you love to do before you got too busy/tired/old/broke to enjoy it?

● Recall the wrongs you wanted to right and the problems you wanted to solve.

6. Make time.

● Prioritize and embrace things that make time stand still and/or energize you to take action.

7. Do something. Move toward your purpose, no matter how small the action:

● Make a call.

● Attend a meeting.

● Do online research.

● Start an online group.

● Ignite the fire.

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